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Invited Technical Sessions

2023 OkIP Academia & Industry Convention- Oklahoma City, OK, USA

The 2023 OkIP AIC  Organizing Committee invites proposals for Invited Technical Sessions to be held on October 2-5, 2023, in conjunction with the 2023 OkIP technical conferences.

Areas of interest include, but not limited to, those of the 2023 OkIP technical conferences:

>>> Automated and Intelligent Systems (CAIS):

1) AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Applications

2) Agent-based, Automated, and Distributed Supports

3) Intelligent Systems and Applications

4) Knowledge-based and Control Supports

5) Robotics and Vehicles


>>> Software Engineering Research & Development (SERD)

1) General and Social Aspects of SE

2) Software Design, Testing, Evolution, and Maintenance

3) Service Orientation and Human Interactions

4) AI/ML, Web-Based Environments, and Adaptive Systems

5) Emerging SE Technologies and Dependability

6) Distribution, Componentization and Collaboration


>>> Cloud Computing and Technologies (CCCT):

1) Cloud Concepts

2) Applications and Services

3) Security/Privacy/Compliance

4) Platform/Provisioning/Storage

5) Infrastructure/AI/ML in the Cloud


>>> Data Technology and Engineering (CDTE):

1) Data Concepts

2) Data Analytics and Processing

3) Databases

4) AI/ML in Data and Big Data

5) Data and Databases Applications

6) Data and Legal Issues


>>> Electronic Commerce and Applications (CECA):

1) eCommerce(EC) Concepts

2) EC Collaborative Approaches

3) eCommerce Transations

4) AI/ML in ECommerce

5) EC Security

6) EC Legal and Global Issues

7) EC Applications


>>> Learning and Technology in Education (CETE):

1) Learning and eLearning Concepts

2) AI/ML in eLearning

3) Learning Support Services

4) Content and Delivery Methods

5) Delivery Platforms and Tools

6) Cases, Education/Administration

7) Facilities and Equipment


>>> Enterprise and Software Process (CESP):

1) Agile, Hybrid and Traditional Process

2) Model, Method, Standard and Architecture

3) AI/ML and Knowledge Management Process

4) Process, Application and Tool

5) Human Factor and Communication Technology


>>> Green Research & Technology (CGRT):

1) Green Generation/Management

2) Sustainable Designs/Innovations

3) Smart Systems/Infrastructures

4) Legal/Social/Economic Issues

5) Green IT/Computing

6) Biomedical/Biotechnology

7) Forecasting/Water/Sanitation

8) AI/ML for Sustainability


>>> Health Information Technology (AHIT):

1) HIT Concepts and Design

2) AI/ML in Health

3) Health Safety, Data, and Security

4) HIT Systems and Applications

5) HIT Regulation and Legal Issues


>>> High-Performance Computing (AHPC):

1) HPC Concepts

2) Parallel Computing

3) Mobile & Wireless Computing

4) Network Architecture/System

5) HPC AI/ML/Simulation/Security

6) HPC Applications


>>> Information Security and Assurance (AISA):

1) Information Security(IS) Modeling and Design

2) AI/ML in Security

3) Security and Distributed Systems

4) Wireless and Digital Forensics

5) IA and Information Warfare

6) IS & Information Assurance (IA) Applications

7) IS & IA Policy and Legal Issues


>>> Power and Energy (CAPE):

1) Energy Generation/Storage

2) Power/Energy Systems

3) Grid & Electrical Vehicle

4) AI/ML in Power/Energy

5) Renewable/Sustainable Energy

 >>> Proposal Content

Proposals should include the following information:

1) Title of the Invited Technical Session

2) Organizers of the Invited Session

3) Brief session description (2-3 paragraphs) explaining the goal of the invited session and the overarching themes of the submitted papers

4) Corresponding keywords

5) Timeline for the paper selection process

 Papers part of an Invited Technical Session proposal will undergo the same peer review process as the OkIP Conference regular papers. If the invited session does not have enough papers accepted, then other papers may be added to the session. If the Invited Technical Session is canceled for any reason, the accepted papers submitted to the session will be moved to a regular session of a related OkIP conference.

 >>> Important Dates

Proposal Submission:  January 9, 2023

Author Notifications:  January 31, 2023

Conference Date: October 2-5, 2023


>>> How to submit your Proposal

>>> How to submit your Technical Session Proposal
Click here to access the portal for session proposal

>>> 2023 OkIP Conferences is Accepting Technical Paper Abstracts
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Please email us for more information: info@okipublishing.com